A Quality NASCAR Video Game Is Important For Future Fans

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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that is important in regards to recruiting future NASCAR fans is a good, high-quality NASCAR video game. There’s a substantial portion of NASCAR’s fan base who owe their love for the sport to a NASCAR video game of sorts, be it for PC or a cartridge. This writer owes his love for NASCAR to an old copy of NASCAR ’99 for the Nintendo 64.

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If a NASCAR video game is done right, it will be well-regarded and well-played for years on end (like the old NASCAR ’99 copy). So with the recent releases by Eutechnyx (NASCAR The Game, NASCAR ’14) for the PlayStation 3, NASCAR video games are in need of a major overhaul. Sure, the graphics are phenomenal and in such cases like NASCAR ’14‘s, the Photo Mode is pretty neat. But the franchise is buggier than ever and has audio that works sporadically.

Considering that the NASCAR ’15 update has already been announced and will soon be released, the NASCAR ’16 release needs to look into the past at other releases in order to make a better game. By doing so, it will go a long way towards recruiting new fans.