NASCAR: Are Dueling Agendas An Impossible Balancing Act?

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This sport is full of egos.  Drivers.  Owners.  Crew chiefs.  Media partners. NASCAR. Fans. Each will have an agenda that is partial to their interest in the sport.  This begs the question of how to balance these dueling agendas to make everyone happy. Each agenda however, should focus on what ultimately should be important to everyone — growing the sport and ensuring that the end product is the best that it can be.

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But, in our instant gratification society, with a 24/7 news cycle and “if you’re not first, you’re last” mentality, is balancing these agendas to achieve the perceived objectives even possible? Maybe. Maybe not. The recent selection of a driver’s council has perhaps led each of these groups to feel if the drivers can meet in such a forum and have NASCAR’s ear, why can’t we? Let’s examine what each group’s focus might be, and then at the end arrive at a common call to order for everyone.