NASCAR: Gordon vs. Keselowski – Which One Is Wrong?

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Christopher Olmstead – Keselowski Is Wrong

For it being The Chase Elliott Show on Monday, NASCAR certainly managed to fit it a bunch of other storylines.

I would argue that Elliott was such a focus over the last 25 laps because he was battling on the track with Brad Keselowski, who happened to be the fastest car on the track. Aside from that battle the booth also filled us in on Kahne being into the top-10, Logano and Larson being able to battle back from earlier issues and Ryan Blaney running inside of the top-15.

After Kes passed Elliott and that battle was no longer the best action on the track, I felt the narrative shifted to Kes chasing down the leaders and whether or not Busch was going to run out of gas. I also recall several laps of coverage about how amazing it was that Busch was pushing the clutch in so far to save fuel. So, saying that Busch wasn’t getting proper coverage is not accurate in my opinion.

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At the end of the day Kes was upset because his team got caught trying to play the system. He was then more upset because someone pointed out another time that he also gamed the system. I don’t think the real issue here is Gordon being bias for HMS or Chase Elliott as much as it is that Kes doesn’t look Gordon bringing the inside knowledge of the garage area to the broadcast booth.

As for fans who don’t like Gordon talking about HMS or Elliott… is it not better than Waltrip talking about stuff that hasn’t been relevant in 30 years?

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