NASCAR: Busch is back with a big Kevin Harvick Mustang giveaway

When Kevin Harvick pits in the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season-opening Daytona 500, you can win a Ford Mustang decked out in the classic #4 Busch paint scheme.

Next Sunday, February 16, NASCAR Cup Series competition is officially back with the 62nd annual Daytona 500, and with that, long-time sponsor Busch Beer is back working with Kevin Harvick for another year of crazy paint schemes and fan engagement.

Busch Beer’s sponsorship of Harvick’s #4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford included many interesting campaigns and promotions last year, including but not limited to the #Car2Can campaign, the National Forest Foundation promotion, the Big Buck Hunter giveaway, and yes, even Harvick’s sponsorship of himself.

It also included some pretty interesting paint schemes, including but not limited to the Millennial paint scheme and the Generation X paint scheme.

Now Busch is starting off the 2020 season at Daytona International Speedway with arguably their biggest and best promotion and giveaway yet.

Every time Harvick makes a pit stop in the season-opening 200-lap race around the four-turn, 2.5-mile (4.023-kilometer) high-banked superspeedway oval in Daytona Beach, Florida, Busch will be giving away one Ford Mustang decked out in the classic #4 Busch paint scheme.

All fans need to do to enter theses sweepstakes is tweet with the hashtags #Pit4Busch and #Sweepstakes every time the 44-year-old Bakersfield, California native stops for service during his quest to become a two-time Daytona 500 winner.

While you will have to be quick, as winning entries must be counted during the short 12 to 16-second pit stops, the 500-mile event should yield quite a few opportunities to win.

“Both Busch and Harvick’s #4 car have some of the most loyal and engaged fans in the world. #Pit4Busch is a way to see just how engaged they are during the 500, and reward a few of them with a Busch-branded sports car of their own,” stated Daniel Blake, Anheuser-Busch Senior Director of Marketing.

“Harvick wastes no time around the track, so this is the fans’ opportunity to show some of their skills too. We can’t wait to see it all come together on race day.”

“You can’t win in NASCAR without a fast, efficient pit crew, and my guys are the best. Fans are going to have to be just as quick this year if they want to take home a new car of their own,” said Harvick, who won the Daytona 500 back in 2007.

“Just like when Busch turned my car into beer cans, made me race in a bright pink car at the All-Star Race and changed Busch to ‘Harvick’ at Dover last year, I’m always amazed at what they come up with. It’s a great way to start the season.”

Tune in to Fox’s live broadcast of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season-opening Daytona 500 from Daytona International Speedway next Sunday, February 16 at 2:30 p.m. ET, and be sure not to miss this opportunity to win a Ford Mustang with Busch!