NASCAR: Clint Bowyer moving to the broadcast booth?

Clint Bowyer discussed the possibility of moving to the NASCAR broadcast booth after his full-time Cup Series career in an interview with Beyond the Flag.

Stewart-Haas Racing’s Clint Bowyer has competed in the NASCAR Cup Series since 2005, and he hasn’t missed a race since he began competing full-time the following year.

There has been much speculation about Bowyer’s future in the sport, with the 41-year-old Emporia, Kansas native being one of the older full-time drivers in the field and in a contract year for the second consecutive season.

Some rumors have pointed to the 10-time Cup Series race winner moving to the broadcast booth after he retires from racing, given that he has done work in the FOX booth, both during real Xfinity Series races and during the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series races as the in-race reporter.

We recently spoke directly to Bowyer and asked him about that possibility.

“I don’t know,” Bowyer stated. “For me to decide, I mean obviously I love doing it; it’s fun, it’s easy, it just comes natural. Let me get this straight, you want us to talk about racing…with other racers? Literally that’s what we do for a living, that’s what we do for a life.”

Bowyer went on to address the misconception that many fans have that drivers don’t want to talk about racing away from the race track, whether that’s at a dinner or up in the broadcast booth, simply because they spend so much time focusing on it anyway as their full-time job.

“People always get the misconception that you go to a dinner or something with people like ‘Man, I know you don’t want to talk about racing’. Honestly, it’s what we do,” Bowyer clarified. “If we sit down at the dinner table, we’re racers. We don’t talk about any other thing. You’re talking about the race that happened, whether it was last week at Bristol or a dirt race in Missouri. It’s just what we do.”

Bowyer then discussed his recent opportunities to work in the broadcast booth and how they may play a role in his future decisions.

“I appreciate it, I appreciate the opportunity, it was fun, it teaches you a lot about both aspects of the industry, and you have to be good at both, so for that matter, I enjoyed it. But honestly, that’s not for me to decide. If fans liked it, I might try it. More importantly, if FOX liked it or some broadcast partner liked it, I would try it, but certainly not for me to decide.”

However, Bowyer wanted to make one more thing super clear about the possibility of moving to the broadcast booth.

“It damn sure ain’t gonna happen anytime soon!”