Formula 1: Entry fees for all 10 teams entering 2021

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1 (Photo by HAMAD I MOHAMMED/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1 (Photo by HAMAD I MOHAMMED/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Based mostly on the 2020 Formula 1 constructor standings, here are the entry fees for all 10 Formula 1 teams heading into the 2021 season.

The 2020 Formula 1 season wrapped up in mid-December, and for the seventh consecutive season, Mercedes secured the constructor championship, this time with Red Bull finishing in a distant second place following three consecutive seasons of Ferrari finishing in the runner-up position.

McLaren finished in third place, their best result since 2012, ahead of Racing Point in fourth and Renault in fifth. Racing Point and Renault are set to be rebranded as Aston Martin and Alpine, respectively, this year. Ferrari finished in sixth, their worst result since 1980.

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Based primarily on the 2020 constructor standings, the entry fees for each of the sport’s 10 teams are set going into the upcoming 2021 season.

Here is how to calculate those fees.

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All teams must pay a base fee of $556,509, and teams must pay additional money depending on how many points they scored in the previous season. The constructor champion must pay an additional $6,677 for each point scored, while the other nine teams must pay an additional $5,563.

So naturally, the entry fee for Mercedes, which nearly doubled the point total of every other team on the grid, is much higher than that for Williams, which failed to score a single point all year.

Here is a list of the entry fees for each team for 2021.

Rank – Team: Points (Total Entry Fee)
1st – Mercedes: 573 ($4,382,430)
2nd – Red Bull: 319 ($2,331,106)
3rd – McLaren: 202 ($1,680,235)
4th – Aston Martin: 195 ($1,641,294)
5th – Alpine: 181 ($1,563,412)
6th – Ferrari: 131 ($1,285,262)
7th – AlphaTauri: 107 ($1,151,750)
8th – Alfa Romeo: 8 ($601,013)
9th – Haas: 3 ($573,198)
10th – Williams: 0 ($556,509)

Due to the fact that the 2020 season was shortened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and only featured 17 races, five shy of the goal of a record-breaking 22 and the lowest single-season race total since 2009, the FIA ended up as the biggest losers here because of how this formula is set up.

The entry total entry fees for 2021 come out to $15,766,209, with $10,021,119 of that sum based on the number of points each team scored in 2020.

In the 2019 season, the total entry fees came out to $18,293,156, with $12,728,066 of that sum based on the number of points each team scored in 2019.

Ignoring the base entry fee, here is what each team ultimately needs to pay in 2021 per point scored in 2020.

Rank – Team: $$ Per Point
1st – Williams: ∞
2nd – Haas: $191,066.00
3rd – Alfa Romeo: $75,126.63
4th – AlphaTauri: $10,764.02
5th – Ferrari: $9,811.16
6th – Alpine: $8,637.64
7th – Aston Martin: $8,416.89
8th – McLaren: $8,318.00
9th – Mercedes: $7,648.22
10th – Red Bull: $7,307.54

Despite the fact that the rest of the $$ per point list is a straight-up invert of the total entry fee list, Red Bull managed to end up slightly lower than Mercedes here because of the fact that they, like the other eight teams, have to pay less extra money per point than Mercedes do since the Silver Arrows won the constructor championship.

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The Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled to get the 2021 Formula 1 season underway next Sunday, March 28 at Bahrain International Circuit following a schedule change.