Esteban Ocon totally out of Formula 1 after Alpine departure?

The timing of Esteban Ocon's departure from Alpine is suspicious, considering his maneuver in Monaco on teammate Pierre Gasly. Is his Formula 1 future in doubt?
Esteban Ocon, Alpine, Formula 1
Esteban Ocon, Alpine, Formula 1 / Clive Rose/GettyImages

Rumors of the Esteban Ocon's departure from Alpine have been circulating for a while, and it was recently confirmed that he is indeed set to leave the team at the end of the 2024 Formula 1 season.

Ocon coming together with teammate Pierre Gasly on the opening lap of the Monaco Grand Prix a few weeks ago accelerated those rumors, and it was after that incident when his departure was confirmed.

Now the big question is which team Ocon will sign with for 2025. However, it's very possible that Ocon simply ends up not being on the grid next year.

Esteban Ocon out after 2024?

Ocon has shown that he is capable of putting up fantastic results in a car with pace, as seen with his win in Hungary in 2021 and his additional podium finishes. On the flip side, the negatives Ocon produces on the track have been pretty damaging to both himself and his teams.

The issues he has with teammates during a race certainly had to have contributed to his departure from Alpine. It has been evident not only with Ocon and Gasly, but also with Ocon and Fernando Alonso during Alonso's days at Alpine. It was also evident during Ocon's Force India days with Sergio Perez.

Even though Formula 1 has a huge individualistic aspect to it, it is still big as a team sport. Though the 27-year-old puts up good results here and there, Ocon has disrupted his teammates in an unsafe manner on several occasions in the past.

These incidents have gotten to the point where the French driver’s unsafe maneuvering has begun to outweigh the potential success he may bring to a team. In a big year for the free agent driver market, this may result in teams hesitating to offer him a contract.

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Despite rumors of Ocon potentially signing with Mercedes, Williams, or Haas in 2025, there is a real possibility that he will spend a season on the sidelines and hopefully learn from his antics.