Formula 1: 3 possible replacements for Lance Stroll in 2025

Amid the possibility of Lance Stroll’s exit from Aston Martin, there are several drivers the team could target for the 2025 Formula 1 season.
Lance Stroll, Formula 1
Lance Stroll, Formula 1 / Qian Jun/MB Media/GettyImages
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2. Carlos Sainz Jr.

Ever since Lewis Hamilton’s shock move to Ferrari was announced four months ago, it immediately meant Carlos Sainz Jr.’s tenure at Ferrari would be over after 2024, despite the fact that he has performed about just as well as Charles Leclerc.

In a year that sees more than half of the Formula 1 grid with expiring contracts, Sainz has become the top target for several teams. There will be a real tussle among teams when it comes to who gets the Spaniard to put pen to paper.

Aston Martin will almost certainly be one of those teams vying for his signature. A potential pairing of Sainz and Fernando Alonso could finally give Red Bull a level of consistent competition they have not seen since Mercedes in 2021.

A large portion of Aston Martin potentially drawing the 29-year-old’s interest will be determined by how badly Lawrence Stroll wants Sainz. The Canadian billionaire has been known to stop at nothing to get what his team needs to succeed, but is he willing to replace his own son to do it?

One key thing to note is that signing Sainz will not be easy for Aston Martin. With several other teams in the running, including Mercedes, Red Bull, Sauber (Audi), and now even Williams, there are several things Sainz will be looking for when he decides on his next team.

And despite performing very well at Ferrari, Sainz was still pushed out. Surely he will not want a repeat down the road.