Formula 1: 3 possible replacements for Lance Stroll in 2025

Amid the possibility of Lance Stroll’s exit from Aston Martin, there are several drivers the team could target for the 2025 Formula 1 season.
Lance Stroll, Formula 1
Lance Stroll, Formula 1 / Qian Jun/MB Media/GettyImages
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3. Oliver Bearman

The odds of Oliver Bearman driving alongside Fernando Alonso in 2025 are quite low, but they are not totally nonexistent. The 18-year-old belongs to the Ferrari Driver Academy and is the reserve driver this season for both Ferrari and Haas.

Though Bearman has only made one official start in Formula 1, his performance, given the circumstances, spoke volumes about his readiness to break through.

After Carlos Sainz Jr. was unable to compete in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to a bout with appendicitis earlier this season, the British driver was substituted in right before the third practice session. He went on to make headlines by qualifying 11th and finishing seventh for Ferrari, beating out the likes of Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton.

Several prominent figures in Formula 1 took notice of Bearman’s performance, one of them being Haas team boss Ayao Komatsu. He spoke highly of the 18-year-old’s race, but he would not speak on his prospects of landing a seat with Haas in 2025. Given the recent announcement that Nico Hulkenberg is set to join Sauber in 2025, Bearman is now the frontrunner to replace the 36-year-old.

However, in the event that a full-time move to Haas does not become a reality, there is a possibility that another team will swoop in. Despite Bearman’s youth, his debut showed his ability to handle pressure and still perform well in the car. Aston Martin could put him under the wing of Fernando Alonso and groom him as Formula 1’s next star.

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Though the odds of Bearman completely leaving behind any affiliation with Ferrari are slim, he could be one of several fantastic drivers in consideration for this seat if Aston Martin do indeed decide to part ways with Lance Stroll.