Formula 1: 5 other teams poised for driver lineup changes in 2025

The 2025 Formula 1 grid is slowly beginning to take shape, and there are still quite a few teams who are expected to make changes to their driver lineups.
Carlos Sainz Jr., Formula 1
Carlos Sainz Jr., Formula 1 / Kym Illman/GettyImages
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5. Alpine

Alpine are in the middle of a rebuilding process, as several aspects of the team have endured an overhaul in recent months. So far this season, the team have had arguably slowest car on the grid and have yet to score a single point.

The team know they have a talented driver duo, with both Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon having shown signs of their potential in the past. However, tension existed between the pair even before they were teammates at Alpine. One might wonder whether this continued tension is feasible when it comes to the organization's prospects of success.

Both Gasly and Ocon have contracts that are set to expire after the 2024 season. Alpine know the quality of their current car is not up to their standards, and a recent overhaul in team management may warrant a short-term extension for the French duo.

However, Ocon could potentially be in the running for that second Mercedes seat. Having achieved an impressive podium at Monaco last season, the 27-year-old’s performance spoke to his capabilities. Gasly is said to be drawing interest around the paddock as well.

In a fast car, both drivers can do some great things. Additionally, Alpine would not be missing out on too much, as they have Jack Doohan as a reserve driver as he patiently waits to break into Formula 1.