Formula 1: 5 possible landing spots for Adrian Newey in 2025

As Adrian Newey’s nearly two-decade-long stint at Red Bull comes to a close, several other Formula 1 teams will be fighting for his signature.
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Formula 1
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Formula 1 / Kym Illman/GettyImages
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2. Aston Martin

Aston Martin have been keen on Adrian Newey’s relationship with Red Bull, and they have been keeping a close eye on the situation ever since the allegations against Christian Horner came to light. As a result, Lawrence Stroll met with Newey before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and made him quite a lucrative offer.

The team took a close compatriot of Newey in Dan Fallows and made him their technical director in 2022, and it seems that Stroll would like to have the two join forces once again. Aston Martin have built their technical team by luring them away from some of the best teams on the grid, and signing Newey would fit that mold.

However, Newey seems to be looking beyond the money when it comes to assessing the possibility of joining Aston Martin. Despite having always wanted to work with Fernando Alonso, the vision Newey sees in Stroll reportedly screams for profit rather than for success for the team.

The general belief is that Newey does not want to be used as an object to drive up the value of Aston Martin, which aligns with the recent report that Stroll is looking to sell a minority stake in the team. The odds of the British engineer joining the Silverstone-based team are slim, but not zero.