Formula 1: Aston Martin sale could produce a major lineup change

A potential minority stake sale of Aston Martin could lead to end of Lance Stroll’s tenure with his father Lawrence's Formula 1 team.
Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Formula 1
Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Formula 1 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

According to GPFans, Lawrence Stroll is in talks to sell as much as 25% of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team. The billionaire businessman has done very well since he took over as the team’s owner, taking the team out of administration and making it one of the top teams in the sport with an apparent bright future.

This sale could also accelerate Lance Stroll’s rumored retirement from the sport, which would benefit Aston Martin in the long-term. The Canadian driver has shown glimpses of his talent since entering Formula 1 in 2017, but has been unable to take that next leap forward throughout his eight-year career.

The last two years, Aston Martin have been able to develop a very well-performing car, but Stroll is still is not able to bring out the best of the machinery, especially in comparison to teammate Fernando Alonso.

Many fans have long believed that Stroll is only still in Formula 1 due to his father, and with the possibility of that changing soon, Aston Martin could finally reach the goals they have been longing for.

What is Aston Martin’s potential?

Fernando Alonso committed his future to Aston Martin recently, signing an extension that runs through 2026. This move, in combination with the top-tier personnel that the team can potentially attain from other top teams, shows how serious the Silverstone team have become about being one of the sport's best teams.

Lance Stroll’s performance since the start of last season simply does not fit in with that determined end product.

Considering the pace of the AMR23 last year and the AMR24 this season, several other drivers would be more competitive than Stroll alongside a two-time world champion in Alonso. It is believed that the 25-year-old remains on a rolling contract, so he is currently without a confirmed seat after 2024.

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Aston Martin should assess their options in the driver market and make a decision as they see fit. The driver they decide to pair with Alonso could result in Aston Martin solidifying their place among the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes. Additionally, it would put them in a much stronger position once the new regulations go into effect in 2026.