Formula 1 is set for a massive announcement this week

Rich Energy, Haas, Formula 1 (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
Rich Energy, Haas, Formula 1 (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) /

Former Haas title sponsor Rich Energy have announced that they are set to confirm a return to Formula 1 sometime this week.

Here we go again?

Controversial former Haas Formula 1 title sponsor Rich Energy announced last month that they are set to confirm a return to Formula 1 sometime in the first week of February.

Yes, that now means this week.

Company co-founder and CEO William Storey has noted that his company will be landing with a far more competitive organization than they were with two seasons ago, but he has not announced the new partner team.

He called it “the greatest comeback since Lazarus” in a Twitter post that expectedly garnered some entertaining reactions.

He added that the announcement would be coming in the first week of February.

He later posted a video addressing the fans.

A few days later, he noted that he had seen a sneak preview of 2021 cars and was looking forward to seeing Rich Energy’s.

He doubled down on the return a few days later, noting that many doubting fans would be seriously shocked upon the confirmation of it.

Most recently, he posted the following.

With all things considered, given Rich Energy’s past, it could be a very interesting week for Formula 1 fans if their apparent return comes to fruition.

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The company’s short tenure with the sport’s lone American outfit was loaded with controversy from the get-go, and it reached new heights in July of 2019 when they appeared to abruptly end their partnership over the team’s terrible performance, only for Haas to deny that ties had been severed.

This interesting turn of events came amid multiple legal battles for the team, including one with Whyte Bikes over their use of the stag logo, which was ultimately forced to change. The bizarre sponsorship saga led to some interesting happenings on the Rich Energy Twitter account as well that kept fans entertained for quite some time.

The disastrous relationship officially ended that September, well before the 2019 season concluded.

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The 2021 Formula 1 season is scheduled to start in just under two months, with the Bahrain Grand Prix set to kick things off on Sunday, March 28 after a coronavirus pandemic restriction-related schedule change shifted the opener to Bahrain International Circuit.