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NASCAR Drivers Vent About Danica Patrick Via In-Car Radios

Since her transition to NASCAR Danica Patrick has been a lightning rod for the media. Patrick draws positive and negative critique for everything that she does on and off of the track. Whether she deserves it or not and whether it’s fair or not, the majority of the press around her usually has a negative connotation.

Although the media and fans seem to have no issue giving their opinion of her, drivers tend to be a bit more politically correct. With the exception of Richard Petty, NASCAR drivers tend to say all of the right things when questioned about Patrick instead of what they might actually think. Recently, a NASCAR fan on YouTube put together the below video. The video contains a mix of drivers in-car radio communications, all having to do with Patrick.

Now in all fairness to Danica Patrick, a lot happens on the track in the heat of the moment. I am sure that you could easily go find audio of drivers bashing everyone at some point or another over their radios. That being said, a lot of the comments were more or less about her lack of ability or her perceived lack of ability. The drivers and spotters even go as far as poking fun at her relationship and acting astonished to hear she is on the lead lap.

Emotions can easily get the best of competitors while racing but in the case of Danica Patrick it might be more than just emotions. People will always judge how good of a racecar driver Patrick is on a variety of things. If anything, she should be judged on the facts and on the numbers, nothing else is needed.

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  • Les Bailey

    I thought she needed another year in Nationwide before making the leap to Cup and wasn’t sure that would be enough. The sad thing is she is taking up a seat in a great ride that could be competitive every week with the Hendrick Horsepower. Imagine what an old-timer like Bobby Labonte could do with a ride like that!

  • tomjensen6

    In all fairness, all these drivers pretty much say the exact same thing when any other driver pisses them off.

  • Kymberlie Ingalls

    My impression of Patrick has been the attitude of nothing is ever her own fault from the driving to her image. That never gets anyone anywhere.


    She’s a rolling chicane out there….She was blocking her teammate last weekend ….

  • said_that

    I agree with the author. Judge her on the facts and stats. Those are what goes in the record books and are the only true indicators and comparisons. BTW, her stats are aweful